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Who eats garlic? Find out here!

David Bowie
We sent out a bunch of emails asking people if they like garlic, and the first replies are in! Find out what the following people said:

Bruce Campbell, Adam West (Batman), Juju Stulbach (Mosquitos), Lisa Loeb, Melora Creager (Rasputina), Eric Burdon (The Animals), Mark Moore (S-Express), Orbital, Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), Skinny Blonde & Goodlooking, Alina Simone (Girl With Guitar/The Licks), Sami Yaffa (Mad Juana/ex-Hanoi Rocks), Pete Rivett-Carnac (Single Gun Theory) , Alison Shaw (Cranes), David Prowse (Darth Vader), David Bowie, Douglas Rushkoff, Laika, DJ Colette, Theo(singer/model/actress; The Lunachicks), Ben Chapman("The Creature From The Black Lagoon"), Glampire, Kristy Jones (Heaven's Burning), Wil Wheaton ("Star Trek", "Stand By Me"), Darling Nikkie (co-founder of Lords Of Acid), Devo, Liz Lysinger (ZIA), Jimmy Walker ("Good Times"), Russell Johnson ("Gilligans Island"), DJ Courtney, En Esch (Slick Idiot, ex-KMFDM), Karen Lynn Gorney ("Saturday Night Fever"), Susan Ottaviano (Book Of Love), Holly Johnson (Frankie Goes To Hollywood)

Homer Simpson DOES NOT like garlic!

When Homer Simpson revealed his email address on the air (it's, we just HAD to email him and ask if he likes garlic. We ended up with our first-ever negative reply!

"Garlid gives me sour stomach and throw-up burps.
Homer Simpson"
Note : "Garlid" is not a typo on our end, it's what he wrote! When we emailed him back to tell him that we'd posted his comment on this web site, Homer replied "What is a web site? "

For more info on The Simpsons, visit their website at:

And Freddy Krueger is allergic...
(But we still trust him...)

We tried emailing Robert Englund, best known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the "Nightmare On Elm Street" films (and the recent "Freddy vs Jason," of course.) But we were informed that he doesn't eat garlic due to a mild allergy to it...

Robert also portrayed Willie, the friendly alien, in the classic 80's sci-fi series "V". He's played many other interesting roles and is always doing cool stuff, so be sure to check out his website at:

About this site...

Welcome to NEVER TRUST ANYONE WHO DOESN'T LIKE GARLIC! I LOVE garlic so I thought I'd create a site about it. The title is meant to be somewhat humorous; I don't really mistrust all people who don't like garlic. BUT I have found that the people I'm closest to DO love garlic as much as I do, and many people I don't get along with DO NOT. It's as if there is a certain kinship among garlic lovers!

So..... I thought it would be fun to contact some of the people I admire and see if THEY like garlic as well!!! On this site, you'll see quotes from a wide range of people, indluding musicians, televsion stars, and writers.

You'll also find general information on garlic, a forum to submit garlic-related stories, and there's much more to come!!! So please keep checking back!!


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(It was taken backstage with Bob, the webmaster of this site.)

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