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WE ASKED : Do you like garlic? And in some cases, we also asked: Do you find that you connect more with other garlic lovers (and if not, do your friends tend to also dislike it?)


Garlic and I haven't been real tight until recently. I'm a midwesterner by nature, with no discernible taste buds. My wife Ida straightened me out, however, so it's a part of my diet in reasonable doses, and I take supplements as well.

Not a vampire in sight...


Bruce Campbell (Actor/director/producer/author)

Bruce Campbell first made waves by portraying Ash in the classic 1982 horror film "Evil Dead." That film spawned 2 sequels, and Bruce has taken on a number of other interesting roles over the years. He's starred in a few TV shows ("The "Adventures of Brisco County Jr," "Jack Of All Trades"), voiced such video game characters a Pitfall Harry (in "Pitfall 3-D: Beyond the Jungle") and was the Wrestling ring announcer in the "Spiderman" movie. Bruce has done lots of other cool stuff, so you should visit his website to learn more!

The official Bruce Campbell website is at:

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