WE ASKED : Do you like garlic? And in some cases, we also asked: Do you find that you connect more with other garlic lovers (and if not, do your friends tend to also dislike it?)

Recent reply: Melora Craeger (Rasputina)

"Yes, I do [like garlic]. Garlic is very clever. If you smell it, you think someone is cooking something quite wonderful, but they might just be sauteeing some garlic."

Melora Creager (Rasputina)

Melora Creager is the founder of Rasputina, an amazing rock band who happen to use cellos as lead instruments. They also have a strong sense of humor and often look to history for lyrical inspiration.

For more info on Rasputina, visit their official website at:


A Random Previous Reply:

"I love Garlic in pill form from Health Food store- it is a natural antibiotic and you can get the non-smelling kind in the pill. Of course the real thing is best- a nice bite or two- but this is too strong for me. It also keeps Vampires away. Once I was doing Dracula with the late Victor Bono and John Gavin with the Kenley Players in Ohio, and Bono strung raw garlic all over his dressing room door!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Karen Lynn Gorney
(Stephanie in "Saturday Night Fever")

For more info on Karen, including details on her current musical projects, visit her website at:

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